Princeton Battlefield is pleased to present...

Ten Crucial Day Tour of the Princeton Battlefield
Sunday, November 19 – 3:00 - 4:30 pm
Meet at the Clarke House

Come to the beautiful rolling terrain of the Princeton Battlefield State Park for a walk in the park, and an exciting talk.   Join us and hear the fascinating story of the Ten Crucial Days, December 25, 1776 to January 3, 1777, culminating with the battle on the Stony Brook Quaker Settlement farms of William Clarke, and his brother, Thomas Clarke. Learn how Washington and his outnumbered and untested troops with their backs against the Delaware River, fought a fierce battle in Trenton, then stealing away overnight, outflanked a the superior British Army, marched through frozen windswept farm land then fought again the next morning.  Hear how the the troops approached the field of battle and moment by moment managed to turn imminent defeat into a stunning victory that launched a nation.   Thank you for helping to bring the Princeton Battlefield State Park to life!  Please RSVP using this form, sending an email to, or calling 609-389-5657 


Real Time Tour of the Battle of Princeton
Sunday, December 31st - 6:45  to 9:30 am

Meet at the Clarke House, 500 Mercer Street, Princeton NJ 08540

 Join us for a real time historical tour of the Battle of Princeton, led by military historian William P. Tatum III, PhD. Dr. Tatum will be joined by other re-enactors of various Congressional regiments to show us exactly where, when, and why events unfolded that chilly morning in 1777. We will experience the battle, minute by minute, at the same time of day, and in similar weather conditions. Learn how the Battle of Princeton, as it occurred, was not at all what Washington was expecting. Learn from where the Continental Line approached the battle. Learn how these momentous events transpired and were the culmination of the Ten Crucial Days Campaign that changed history. For more details, contact 609,389,5657

Donations for this event: $10 for each adult

$5 for children 12 and under.

Proceeds to benefit future educational programming.

Thank you!

Wine and hors d’oeuvres with bestselling author Russell Shorto

Celebrate the release of Russell Shorto’s new book, REVOLUTION SONG

Tuesday, December 12, 5:30 to 6:30
Eno Terra Restaurant
4484 NJ-27, Kingston, NJ 08528

Cost: $60 will receive an autographed copy of REVOLUTION SONG by Russell Shorto, hors d’oeuvres, plus a glass of wine per and a 10% coupon for dinner at Eno Terra. For one additional guest in a party of two, $20 for hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine. Proceeds to benefit educational programming for the Princeton Battlefield Society

“With symphonic sweep, cinematic detail and compelling, superbly researched real-life characters, Shorto shows how our struggle for freedom began and why it remains so sadly unfinished. If Spielberg wrote history, this is how it would read.” - Howard Fineman, NBC News analyst and author of The Thirteen American Arguments.  Russell Shorto is the best-selling author of The Island at the Center of the World and a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine. REVOLUTION SONG is an intimate new epic of the American Revolution that reinforces its meaning for today.

Due to limited availability, must RSVP by December 1st. To reserve your book and attendance , clickon this link.