Princeton Battlefield is pleased to present...

Ten Crucial Day Tour of the Princeton Battlefield
Sunday, September 17 – 3:00 - 4:30 pm
Meet at the Clarke House

Come to the beautiful rolling terrain of the Princeton Battlefield State Park for a walk in the park, and an exciting talk.   Join us and hear the fascinating story of the Ten Crucial Days, December 25, 1776 to January 3, 1777, culminating with the battle on the Stony Brook Quaker Settlement farms of William Clarke, and his brother, Thomas Clarke. Learn how Washington and his outnumbered and untested troops with their backs against the Delaware River, fought a fierce battle in Trenton, then stealing away overnight, outflanked a the superior British Army, marched through frozen windswept farm land then fought again the next morning.  Hear how the the troops approached the field of battle and moment by moment managed to turn imminent defeat into a stunning victory that launched a nation.

Thank you for helping to bring the Princeton Battlefield State Park to life!
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September 11, 2017 ~ Hyatt Regency Princeton

The Board of Trustees of the Princeton Battlefield Society invite you to join them in celebrating American Revolutionary War heritage at Princeton at our “Huzzah!” dinner where we will honor the leadership of . . . Jerry Hurwitz, Princeton Battlefield Society president,  with the Mercer Oak Award,  State Assemblyman Reed Gusciora and State Senator Kip Bateman with Patriot’s Awards, and  the Civil War Trust’s Campaign 1776  with the Revolutionary Spirit Award.

Funds raised will be used to assist in the restoration and preservation of the Thomas Clarke House & Museum.  We ask you to consider supporting this celebratory dinner, honoring our recipients, and helping to save the Thomas Clarke House in any of the following ways:

  1. Attend the dinner (tickets are $150 per attendee),
  2. Place an ad or congratulatory message in our “Huzzah!” dinner program,
  3. Send a donation and have your support listed in our “Huzzah!” dinner program,
  4. Contribute a gift to be used in our Silent Auction.

To discuss the dinner and all opportunities for your support, please contact: Bill Marsch at or, send a request for more information to the Princeton Battlefield Society, PO Box 7645, Princeton, NJ 08543