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Monday, December 12, 2016

Princeton Battlefield Society Supports Agreement to Save Hallowed Ground on Princeton Battlefield

 Institute for Advanced Study and Civil War Trust Agree to New Faculty Housing Plan that Preserves Key Piece of Princeton Battlefield

The Princeton Battlefield Society issued the following statement today in response to a compromise agreement between the Institute for Advanced Study and the Civil War Trust to preserve a key part of the Princeton Battlefield:

The Princeton Battlefield Society strongly supports the agreement between the Institute for Advanced Study and the Civil War Trust to save a critical portion of the Princeton Battlefield.   This landmark compromise brings to fruition a long-standing goal of the Society to preserve and interpret the site of George Washington’s famous counterattack at Princeton.  In our view, this agreement is a ‘win-win’ solution in which all stakeholders benefit:  the Institute achieves its goal to build faculty housing on a more modest scale; preservationists get to protect one of the most historic battlefield properties in the nation, and the Princeton region gets an enhanced historic destination that will attract visitors from around the globe.  We also hope this agreement will usher in a new era of cooperation between the Institute and the Society to transform the state park into the national treasure it ought to be.

The cornerstone of the agreement is the acquisition of 13.73 acres of Maxwell’s Field by the Civil War Trust, along with an additional 1.12-acre tract that will ultimately be incorporated into the Princeton Battlefield State Park.   In exchange, the Institute has agreed to minimize its development footprint and cluster its faculty housing project as close as possible to the existing campus, in order to maximize the preserved land.  To facilitate this compromise, the Society agrees to suspend its litigation against the Institute, pending closing on the property by the Civil War Trust and the Institute at the end of June 2017.   Once that purchase is consummated, the Society will agree to dismiss all legal challenges.  The story of the Battle of Princeton – even that of the American Revolution – cannot be fully told without demonstrating the events that occurred on and near Maxwell’s Field.  We are grateful that the Institute for Advanced Study and the Civil War Trust has forged an agreement to preserve this historic site.

Huzzah to Campaign 1776!