​Battle of Princeton Mapping Project​
Report of Military Terrain Analysis and Battle Narrative.  ​This comprehensive study analyzed numerous cultural, military and terrain features at the battlefield to correlation historical records.  It shows the importance of Maxwell's Field during the Battle of Princeton. 
Please click on Milner Report to read the complete study (This is a huge (63MB file) it may take a few seconds to load).

Click for larger view.  Map courtesy of Campaign1776.org

Battle of Princeton map with overlay of the IAS project site

Image of the destruction of Maxwells Field by the Institute for Advanced Strudies housing project

The Save Princeton Coalition

In 2016 an international group of prestigious organizations joined forces to create Save Princeton Coalition.  It is the goal of these groups to protect the Princeton Battlefield and stop the Institute for Advanced Studies from further developing on this sacred and hallowed land.

​​The Save Princeton Coalition (#SavePrinceton)is composed of the following organizations.  Please click on each to view their websites.

Call, or Write The Institute for Advanced Study

Please send the message to Institute for Advanced Study that the sacred and hallowed grounds of the Princeton Battlefield must NOT be destroyed.  Please ask them to STOP the development on Maxwell's Field, site of George Washington's charge on the British. The Institute for Advanced Study’s Executive Director is Robbert Dijkgraaf rdijkgraaf@ias.edu609-734-8000.

Crossroads of the Revolution, a film by Pat Murphy, is about the Battle of Princeton and the preservation effort to save it.

The Issue

The Battlefield at Princeton is being threatened with a housing development.  The parcel of land in question, while owned by the Institute for Advance Study (IAS), is considered one of the key focal points of the battle. When the state set up its battlefield park historians did not know, what we know now. This parcel of land, adjacent to northern border of the park is, perhaps, one of the most important sites in American military history.  This parcel of land is a part of our national heritage and we maintain that theIAS project site is a core slice of history and should be preserved for all citizens.

We cannot succeed without the support of the great American public. After all, the Princeton Battlefield is of singular importance to all Americans, not just New Jerseyans and Princetonians. We ask your support in our efforts to preserve the battlefield and restore it. Please see the important documents below for the full facts behind this important struggle.

Thank you!

Jerry Hurwitz

President of the Princeton Battlefield Society